Women’s Ministry

We are in an hour for God’s women to become a REVOLUTIONARY force in the earth that breaks through and causes heaven to manifest on earth! The word “revolution” means a sudden, complete, marked change; an overthrow. All of our meetings emphasize this primary purpose, to awaken in each woman’s heart the passion and desire to rise up and TAKE her part of the Kingdom! God has called us to be extraordinary women who move in faith and bring about a shift in the atmosphere, and a breaking of the enemy’s cycles in our lives and in the lives of those we touch. We are women who know God’s indescribable love for us, have been trained in the awesome Word of God, and are ready to do exploits for God.

Throughout the year, we will continue to host gatherings, such as our Annual Women’s Breakfast and Women’s Conference, which will provide life-giving fellowship and encouragement, and increase the faith, passion and fire in the hearts of every woman who attends.


Cindi Korman

Cindi Korman


Anna Bilotta

Anna Gregorian

Debbie Taglieri

Lisa Melillo

Marisa Oberti

Sonia Kenna